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Workshops held to date

Workshops held to date Vol. 9

Trial workshop — approaches to sculpted forms: Representing the human figure

Focus on the way that shadows are drawn around figures, and three-dimensional and background representations in order to gain awareness of the figurative differences between Japanese and Western painting.

In practice (1):

Programme demonstration: experimental artwork observation class in line with the school curriculum Artwork observation class using digital tablets: “Japanese and Western painting — What’s the difference?”

Venue: Arakawa Ward (Tokyo) Fifth Public Junior High School
Date: December 18, 2012
Facilitator: Yohei DAIKOKU (teacher at Arakawa Ward Fifth Public Junior High School)

System used:
10 digital tablets, 1 mainframe computer, 1 interactive whiteboard, worksheets

Workshop outline (approx. 50 minutes)

1. Carefully observe, using digital tablets, six Western and Japanese portraits depicting human figures (the former taken from collections in the Musée du Louvre). Paying particular attention to each work’s motifs (expression, pose, costume, etc.) and background, discuss your findings with your group and note them on the worksheet.
2.Compare two works — one Western and one Japanese — paying particular attention to composition and style of drawing, and note your observations on the worksheet.
3.Each group of students explains what they have discovered and observed, sharing their experience with the other groups in order to gain awareness of the specific characteristics of Japanese and Western art, and how they differ.

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