What is DNP Museum Lab?

DNP Museum Lab
Encapsulating Tomorrow's Basics of Museum

In its endeavour to provide society with opportunities to understand the diversity of perspectives and viewpoints, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) seeks new ways to experience art and culture from various regions and epochs, thereby fostering people’s sensitivity to many mindsets and values, through a diverse range of cultural initiatives and activities.

“DNP Museum Lab” is a cultural initiative from DNP, working alongside museums to encapsulate a way of fostering familiarity with diverse cultural and artistic contexts.
Its core preoccupation is to make art and culture easily accessible to everyone, by developing methods and establishing environments that can unlock background knowledge and generate surprise, emotion, empathy and clues to understanding. By helping to boost conventional museum functions (collections, preservation, research, exhibitions and education) and to encapsulate each epoch in an appropriate manner, it aims to bring a richer dimension to people’s encounters with art and culture.

DNP Museum Lab activities

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