About the artworks

The exhibition invites you to discover virtually six masterpieces - including those from the "Berthouville Treasure", unearthed in the 19th century and considered as one of the most beautiful collections of silver artworks from ancient times - in the form of replica or 3D data displayed on smart glasses.
Those 3D images of artworks are presented not only at the exhibition but also in the BnF's digital library "Gallica".​

  • *No actual artworks are displayed at the exhibition.
  • *Appreciate digitalized artworks displayed on smart glasses.

Oinochoe depicting the Trojan War

©Tahnee Cracchiola (Getty) ©BnF

1st half of the 1st century
Central Italy (Rome or Campania)
Silver; traces of gilding
Handle, neck and foot cast separately, then assembled; hammered silver, repoussé and engraved decoration; mercury gilding
H. 31.5 cm; L. 13 cm; max. Diam. 15 cm; Wt. 1159 g
BnF, MMA, inv.56.5
Acquired by Raoul-Rochette, curator of the Cabinet des Médailles, 3 May 1830

Statuette of Mercury

©Tahnee Cracchiola (Getty) ©BnF

Late 2nd - early 3rd century
Roman Gaul
Silver, traces of gilding
Six silver sheets, hammered and worked in repoussé then assembled to make the arms, legs, torso and head; hands cast in solid silver; caduceus cast separately. Leaf-gilding.
H. 56.3 cm
BnF, MMA, inv.56.1
Acquired by Raoul-Rochette, curator of the Cabinet des Médailles, 3 May 1830

Isthmian Games beaker

©Tahnee Cracchiola (Getty) ©BnF

Mid-1st century
Italy (Latium or Campania)
Parcel-gilt silver
Hammering, repoussé, chasing, cast foot, mercury gilding
H. 12.5 cm; Diam. 10.3 cm; Wt. 463 g
BnF, MMA, inv.56.10
Acquired by Raoul-Rochette, curator of the Cabinet des Médailles, 3 May 1830

Statuette of an African boy

©Serge Oboukhoff
©BnF-CNRS-Maison Archéologie & Ethnologie, René-Ginouvès

Lost-wax casting
H. 20.2 cm; 24 cm (with the base)
BnF, MMA, Bronze.1009
Collection of Louis-Henri de Rochefort d’Ailly, Bishop of Chalon (1763-1764), then of Anne-Claude de Tubières, Comte de Caylus (1764-1765)
Cabinet du Roi (since 1765)

Sardonyx cup


1st century BC
Asia Minor or Alexandria?
Banded agate (sardonyx)
Agate block, rough-hewn, hollowed out and polished
Cup: H. 5.8 cm; W. with handles 16.5 cm; Diam. lip 15.1 cm; Diam. foot 6.2 cm
BnF, MMA, camée.375
Brought back by Paul Lucas from his travels in Greece, Asia Minor and Egypt from 1704 to 1708, acquired in 1708 for the Cabinet du Roi

Attributed to the Inscription PainterNeck amphora

*This is a replica artwork.

©Serge Oboukhoff
©BnF-CNRS-Maison Archéologie & Ethnologie, René-Ginouvès

Face A: Heracles fighting the Triple Geryon
Face B: stationary quadriga
c. 540-530 BC
Made in Reggio di Calabria,
Found at Vulci
Terracotta, black figures
H. 41.4 cm; max. diam. 27.3 cm
BnF, MMA, De Ridder.202
1862, donated by the Duc de Luynes

*From the collection of Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris

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