Series of lectures by the Musée du Louvre Louvre Lectures "All things good and pure…" The principles and benefits of ancient Egyptian offerings

To mark the close of the Eighth Presentation, Hélène Guichard, chief curator of the Louvre's Department of Egyptian Antiquities and scientific advisor for this presentation, will hold a conference during which she will answer your questions on ancient Egyptian civilisation received beforehand. Please feel free to post your queries using our website. During the conference itself the question and answer session will be longer than on previous occasions so as to allow a greater degree of active audience participation.

Ancient Egyptian spiritual beliefs were partly based on the ingenious concept of the offering.
Offerings could be divine or funerary, humble or lavish, real or fake; some were depicted on stelae or temple walls - painted, or carved in relief or in the round - while others took the form of amulets, ritual furniture, or models. All, however, were based on the principle of exchange between giver and receiver; real or symbolic offerings of food and material goods were thus made on an almost contractual basis, with the promise of benefits and favors in return.
The closing conference of Phase 8 of Museum Lab aims to shed light on the practice of making offerings in ancient Egypt, and to illustrate this essential feature of Egyptian religious thinking with examples of the rich artistic production to which it gave rise.
(French-Japanese simultaneous interpretation will be provided.)

Speaker:Hélène Guichard
Doctor of Egyptology Hélène Guichard has been chief curator in the Louvre’s Department of Egyptian Antiquities for three years now, after ten years at the Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France (C2RMF).
Her research is devoted to the study and conservation of human remains. She is also responsible for the Louvre’s catalogue of Egyptian household furniture.
She has taken part in the Louvre’s excavation campaign in Saqqara and, since 1994, has also contributed to the French Archaeological Mission in Western Thebes at the Ramesseum (temple of Ramesses II, Luxor).
Finally, she has given a number of lecture series at the Ecole du Louvre on the funerary practices and bestiary of ancient Egypt.

Call for questions for active participation
During this closing conference the curator will answer the audience's various questions on how the ancient Egyptians perceived life and death. If you have any questions - anything from a niggling doubt to new perspectives - related to the theme of the Eighth Presentation on funerary rites or the principle of offerings in the land of the pharaohs, please do not hesitate to contact us right now. Hélène Guichard has agreed to answer, wherever possible, any queries submitted in advance.
How to post a question
Click on "Submit your questions" and post your question using the form "Contact us". Please select "Other questions" from the "Type of question" drop-down list and indicate as title "Question to curator".
Deadline for question submissions: February 20, 2012 (Japan time)
. Customer Service will not reply directly to your post.
. Depending on the number of questions received and their nature, we cannot guarantee that they will all be answered during the conference. Thank you for your understanding.
. The "Contact us" form cannot be used to make a booking. To register for the conference please go to "Online Reservation".
Sending questions in languages other than Japanese
The "Contact us" form is in Japanese only but may be used for sending questions in English or French.
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  Practical information
  Dates and times March 3 (Sat.), 2012, from 2.30 p.m. to 4 p.m. and special visit of the Louvre-DNP Museum Lab Eighth Presentation (from 4 p.m. until doors close at 6 p.m.)
Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Nishi Gotanda, 3-5-20, DNP-Gotanda Building, RDC
・ to 6 minutes walk from Gotanda station.
Yamanote line (JR) / Asakusa line (Toei) / Ikegami line (Tokyu)
・ to 7 minutes walk from Meguro station
Yamanote line (JR), Nanboku line
*No parking is available; please do not come by car.
Location map
  Number of participants limited to 100
  Admission is free but advance reservations are required.
* Crowded conditions may make it necessary to wait for admission to the presentation or to specific exhibits within it.

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