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A dialog with an artwork that opens up emotion and oneself

Art appreciation is not simply a matter of looking at an artwork, but a process of seeing, understanding, experiencing, and thinking to enhance the way we view it, using our imagination and sensibility to interpret meaning.
For the viewer, there is discovery, stimulus, emotion and the experience of opening up a new viewpoint.
The privileged relationship that grows up between the viewer and the artwork is precisely the form of art appreciation that Museum lab seeks to offer.

Museum Lab: three research themes

By focusing on the three themes listed below, Museum Lab seeks to offer ways for enhancing and enriching the relationship between human beings and art.

1. See
Providing keys for developing visitors' own ability to be more aware of the works they see before them.
2. Understand
Exploring the most suitable methods of conveying information to give visitors a better understanding of the artworks.
3. Experience
Offering visitors a lasting tangible experience of the pleasure to be gained through viewing an artwork and thereby encouraging them to apply this subsequently to other artworks.

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