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Third Louvre - DNP Museum Lab presentation The Madonna of the Rabbit - A Sacred Poem From October 27, 2007[SAT] to March 1, 2008[SAT]

The Virgin and Child with Saint Catherine and a Shepherd, known as The Madonna of the Rabbit
C. 1525 - 1530
Tiziano VECELLIO, known as Titian
Pieve di Cadore, 1488/1490 - Venice, 1576
Musée du Louvre, Paris
© 2007 Musée du Louvre / Angéle Dequier
For the occasion of the third Louvre - DNP Museum Lab presentation, a work representative of Titian's oeuvre, The Madonna of the Rabbit, will be on show for the first time in Japan. Museum Lab's latest offering is an invitation to follow the story of The Madonna of the Rabbit, as presented by Jean Habert, curator at the Musée du Louvre. This is an opportunity to see the work as its contemporaries did, rediscovering the emotions, impressions, and sensations it evoked for 16th-century Venetians. Visual and audio displays plunge visitors into the atmosphere of the time, letting them feel as if they are in the work itself. Little by little the charm of this sacred poem, in which Madonna and Child nestle in a wonderful natural landscape, is revealed.

As seen by 16th-century Venetians
The Madonna of the Rabbit is a religious work typical of Venetian naturalism from the early 16th century. Many Christian symbols, which are incomprehensible without the necessary background knowledge, appear in the picture. When discovering this work, visitors are invited to share in the sensibilities of the inhabitants of Renaissance Venice and to imagine what viewers of the time would have experienced - the feeling of deference toward God and the nature he created, and the lyrical emotion before this country landscape. Visitors can therefore appreciate, like Titian's contemporaries, the work's charm: the sacred poem, emanating from this figure of Madonna and Child nestled within a wonderful natural landscape, is gradually revealed for their delight and enchantment.

An experience that draws you into the work's universe
The presentation is made by Jean Habert, curator at the Musée du Louvre. Let his account, through the audio-guide, take you into the world of 16th-century Venice. You will be able to discover and appreciate a space in which the commentary by the Louvre's curator provides a perfect foil to the images presented. The visit will therefore offer you a groundbreaking experience of the painting - a space in which visitors are deeply immersed in the work's universe.

Relive the Museum Lab experience on the Website
Jean Habert's account continues on the Website under the heading "My Museum Lab." It provides you with a more detailed version of the presentation. The Website also offers original features to add to your experience, for example by seeing how the way you looked at the work compares with that of the Louvre's curator.
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