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As part of its programme of activities, in its first phase (October 2006 to December 2009) the Louvre - DNP Museum Lab offered workshops styled on the themes of ongoing presentations in a new approach aimed at fostering greater familiarity with the artworks on display.

As part of its second phase (from October 2010 to September 2013) the chosen course was to capitalise upon past experience in a broader and more comprehensive approach that is not confined to a particular work (or group of works). The programme aimed at enabling participants to handle artworks freely and comparing notes on their findings, even without the presence of the actual works, so as to acquire a new awareness, a unique and personal take on the artwork which will make future encounters with art even more enjoyable and rewarding.

Workshop objectives

  • Offering a chance to see that art can be fun
  • Demonstrating diverse approaches to artwork appreciation
  • Outreach in educational establishments rather than typical museum settings, particularly at upper primary school level
  • Encouraging participants then to visit the museum

The workshops were dynamic in the sense that their development reflected and took into account the opinions and recommendations of a core advisory committee made up of experts in art education from France and Japan. Progressive developments were published on this website. Participation in this multi-faceted process was open to various experts concerned with subjects related to art education, in order to fine-tune the programme and to develop practical resources that could be adapted to suit various needs.

Members of the Advisory Committee
Mr Kazumi MISAWA, Professor, Musashino Art University (Chair)
Mr Kazufumi YAMADA, Head of training and educational programmes, Saitama Prefectural Education Centre
Mr Yasunori KIDANI, Lecturer in the Department of Child Supervision, Kawaguchi Junior College

Musée du Louvre:
Ms Frédérique LESEUR, Head of Educational Resources, Educational and Cultural Activities Division
Ms Laurence BROSSE, Multimedia Pubulishing Manager, Educational and Cultural Activities Division

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