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Workshops held to date

Workshops held to date Vol. 14

Trial workshops - approaches to sculpted forms: Representation of space

These workshops draw attention to the differences between Western and Japanese landscape painting in the use of modeling and rendering, focusing on the distinctive ways in which they represent form and color, light and shadow.

In practice (2):

Art appreciation course testing digital tablets as interpretive aids.

Venue: Aoi Middle School (Adachi Ward, Tokyo)
Date: Friday July 5, 2013
Facilitator: Etsuko MIURA (teacher)

System used
20 digital tablets, mainframe computer, 1 video monitor

Workshop outline

1. Presentation on the Louvre Museum.
2. Using the provided digital tablets to organize 8 landscapes installed on the tablets (4 Western paintings from the Louvre collections and 4 Japanese works) into various ensembles and to explain the rationale for each mode of organization.
3. Students are divided into small groups, each of which selects one of the artworks and creates an on-the-spot live broadcast representing the scene and perspective depicted in the painting, drawing their attention to similarities among and differences between Western and Japanese painting in the way that they represent space.

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