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Workshops held to date

Workshops held to date Vol. 16

Workshop inviting participants to "exhibit" works of art and thus discover a variety of possible ways of seeing them—
Trial workshop: "I exhibited an artwork from the Louvre in my school!"

By having students exhibit works of art from the Louvre in their school, Museum Lab workshops enable them to experience and discover new and diverse ways of seeing relationships among the setting, the works of art, and the viewers.

In practice (1):

Trial workshop beta-testing the program (beta-test for art appreciation program)
"I exhibited an artwork from the Louvre in my school!"

Place: Kôgai Elementary School (Minato Ward, Tokyo)
Participants: 4th grade elementary class (9–10 year olds)
Date: Friday July 12, 2013
Facilitator: Kimiko EHARA (teacher)

System used
10 tablets, mainframe computer, 1 electronic whiteboard

Workshop outline

1. Presentation on the Louvre Museum.
2. Children are divided into several groups. Each group is equipped with a digital tablet and an AR marker and instructed to choose a location to exhibit one of the works of art from the Louvre collection.
3. Selecting from the 12 artworks provided, they decide which one is the most appropriate for the site they have chosen, and take a picture of it in that location. They may repeat this experiment as many times as they like.
4. Each group then selects a favorite photo from among those they have taken, and reports to the other groups on the reasons they chose that work of art and display location, as well as any other insights they may have as a result of their experience.

Example of works displayed

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