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Workshops held to date

Workshops held to date Vol. 4

"Compare and View" workshops on art appreciation in conjunction with the travelling exhibition "Rencontres : le groupe dans les collections du Louvre" on the theme of encounters

Venue : Miyagi Museum of Art (MMoA)

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System used
Twenty digital tablets, one mainframe computer, projector

Workshop outline (50 minutes approx.)

1. Quick overview of the Musée du Louvre and the "Rencontres" exhibition.
2. Participants are asked to classify into two groups the twelve selected artwork reproductions and give reasons for their choice of category.
3. Focussing on one of the twelve selected works—Shrine Visit from the MMoA collection—as a basis for discovering art through dialogue and discussion.
4. Museum and "Rencontres" exhibition visit.
Workshop No.1
Date : Saturday June 9 9.30 am – 11 am
Venue : Sato Tadayoshi Memorial Hall Conference Room (level -1, next to the Art Hall), Miyagi Museum of Art (MMoA)
Participants : Ichihasama Commercial High School, Art section
No. of participants : 16
Facilitators : Mr Hideshi NAKA, Mr Shu SUGAWARA (in charge of education programmes at MMoA)

Workshop No.2
Date: Wednesday 4 July
Participants: Social science course attendees, Sendai City Kimachi-dori Community Centre
No. of participants: 19
Workshop No.3
Date: Thursday 12 July
Participants: Elementary and Junior High school teachers who participated in a study group at Sendai City Education Centre
No. of participants: 17
Workshop No.4
Date: Sunday 22 July
Participants: Members of the Marumori Municipal Junior High School Art Department
No. of participants: 22
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