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Workshops held to date

Workshops held to date Vol. 1

Practical demonstration of the programme (prototype lesson of the art discovery programme)

Venue : Junior High School affiliated to the Faculty of Education, Saitama University (Urawa, Saitama Prefecture)
Date: October 26, 2011 2.10 pm – 3 pm
Facilitator : Mr. Hidenobu ANDO, art teacher

System used:
Eight laptop computers, one mainframe computer, interactive whiteboard

Workshop outline

1. Generate interest in the museum by displaying twelve artwork reproductions on the interactive whiteboard.
2. Working in groups on the laptops, let participants examine the works and discuss them with a view to dividing the twelve works into their choice of two thematic groups.
3. Ask each group to explain their chosen themes, sharing with the other groups to increase awareness of the many and varied possible approaches and perspectives.
4. By focussing attention on a theme rather than merely looking at a work, this enhances the experience of discovering art.

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