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Fifth Louvre - DNP Museum Lab presentation Van Hoogstraten,The Slippers:Experimenting with one's gaze
Discover 17th-century Holland
The 17th century in Holland is known as the "Golden Age". The country experienced an economic boom, and artistic production flourished. A series of very high definition still images presents the historical context in which the painting entitled "The Slippers" - the subject of our presentation - was created.
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Step into the Painting
The Slippers shows a typical 17th-century Dutch interior. An interactive projection allows visitors to step inside a human-sized reproduction of this interior where they can move around freely, perceiving the way in which the artist structured his painting to guide the viewer's gaze from foreground to background. Visitors not only discover the spaces represented in the painting, but are also encouraged to imagine its invisible spaces. This experience helps visitors fully appreciate the artist's reflection on space.
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Study the Painter's Techniques
An impression of warmth and depth emanates from this painting… Why does this painted space seem so real? Visitors can experiment with the painting on a work table to make their own analysis and come to a clearer understanding of the techniques used: the plays of light and shade, the construction of space, and how the gaze is directed.
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Explore the Possible Meanings of the Work
Over the centuries, The Slippers has continued to stimulate viewers' imaginations - not least those of the researchers and curators who have studied the painting - and many interpretations have been given. Visitors can view these suggestions as they explore a reproduction of the painting on a touch screen. Does it contain a message that needs to be deciphered? Visitors are encouraged to ask themselves the question...
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Meet the Artist
Van Hoogstraten's artistic goals are clarified for visitors by an animation that retraces the artist's life, and his creativity is highlighted by comparison with the techniques of his master, Rembrandt. Furthermore, the major works referred to in the animation can be viewed at leisure in a purpose-designed space.
Museum Lab has also reconstructed a perspective box - a one-of-a-kind tool that the artist used for his experiments with optical illusions. Visitors can look through the peep-hole to experience a very strange optical illusion...
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Your Impressions/Share Your Impressions
Visitors to Museum Lab are inevitably inspired with all sorts of impressions and interpretations. The touch screens in the presentation room display a wide selection of terms from which they can choose those that best match their feelings; the selected terms are projected in real time on the Foyer walls. The discovery of other people's impressions and interpretations makes each visitor aware of the broad spectrum of reactions that an artwork can inspire.

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