• Tokyo-Paris: Two LDMLs
Presentation organinzed by :
  • DNP
Seventh presentation Louvre - DNP Museum Lab Diplomacy and Sèvres Porcelain,Prestige and the French art of living in the 18th century
These highly modular LED rear projection units use a high-definition combination of cross-prism screens developed by DNP (with an external light absorption lens structure of 65μm pitch vertically and horizontally).
Augmented Reality applied to a paper pamphlet
Museum Lab has already provided offerings using Augmented Reality technology. This time, image recognition technology -able to distinguish which page an explanatory paper pamphlet is open at or where the pamphlet has been set down- allows further information relevant to that page to be projected.
Digital caption panels
Not only does digitizing the caption panels make it possible to offer more information, but also to provide a multilingual offering (French, English, and Japanese).
DRARE is a 3D computer-generated imagery viewing software specifically developed by DNP.
A 3D model is created from a high-definition laser measurement of the exhibited work, allowing the work to be seen from various angles. This model is used in conjunction with ultra high-definition images (close-up shots) of the work's detail to provide a degree of seamless coverage impossible with a conventional 3D computer-generated imagery viewer alone.
Gesture interface
DNP has developed a gesture interface using a remote image sensor in order to operate a multimedia device incorporated within a display case.
"Twist ball type" electronic paper (using bistable liquid crystal) provides a power-saving, high-contrast solution for enhanced visibility and legibility in the exhibition's signage.
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