• Tokyo-Paris: Two LDMLs
Presentation organinzed by :
  • DNP
Tenth presentation Louvre - DNP Museum Lab A Masterpiece of Ancient Greece: a World of Men, Gods and Heroes
Combination of tangible user interfaces (TUI) and projection mapping
Combining a tangible user interface and projection mapping makes it possible to create a single integrated space able to both inform and interact. Displayed instructions are a means of controlling the time the visitor spends in the space, and the quiz-style content encourages visitor participation.
Gestural interface
Museum Lab has already experimented with various intuitive ways of using multimedia devices. This time, the interface chosen for the menu was physical (arm) movement, to optimize user-friendliness.
Colour management system
As reproductions of the artwork are presented alongside the original, the colours had to be carefully controlled to make sure they matched. This image quality was made possible with the colorimetric control performed by DNP Media Create Co., Ltd using the colour-adjusting tool developed by DNP.
Reproduction of the reality of an artwork with high-definition screens
Very high definition images of 2560 x 1440 pixels coupled with DNP colour management technology provide the spectator with striking representations of the artworks.
On-site guidance with NFC (Near Field Communication).
The technological principle is as follows: users simply place their mobile phones on a peripheral device to access the Internet. PetitPorta2 is an originating terminal developed by DNP, and is compatible with the latest telephones and smartphones equipped with an NFC chip.
Characters or drawings made with this digital pen are recorded as digital data using a camera mounted near the tip. This allows, for example, the results of a questionnaire's handwritten responses to be collated instantaneously in digital form and displayed on a screen or on a website.
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