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Multimedia displays
Second presentation Tanagras: Female Figures of Ancient Greece
A personal audio guide accompanies your tour throughout the Museum Lab space.

Specialists in ancient Greek art, including experts from the Louvre – native French, English or Japanese speakers – accompany you throughout your visit with simple, easy-to-understand commentaries.

The audio guides provide information about the works on display, as well as the itinerary for your visit, and the Museum Lab concept.

The complete texts of the audio commentaries, and the visual content of the presentation's interactive resources can also be found on the Museum Lab Web site.

A wide range of tools are designed to help you approach  the Tanagra statuettes in a variety of different ways. Come and enjoy a completely new experience!
Manipulation of the artworks in 3D

Displays located near the statuettes themselves allow visitors to "handle" 3D images of the artworks, turning them in virtual space exactly as if they were holding the figures in their hands.

Formal analysis of the figurines

This interactive resource analyzes the figurines' artistic styles: how are their bodies revealed by their clothing? How do they occupy their own personal space? Find out more about Tanagras in the wider context of the development of ancient Greek sculpture.

Function and meaning of the statuettes

The Tanagras were not decorative objects: they played an important role in rites of passage. Here, visitors can explore the meaning and function of the statuettes by comparing them with statues and figures painted on vases.

Historical and geographical context of the Tanagras

Using animated maps and illustrations, this display presents the civilization of ancient Greece, which gave rise to the Tanagra figures.

Reconstruction of an archaeological dig

Using a touch screen, see how archaeologists discovered the statuette's original funerary setting, and a series of other objects with which it was associated.

Making a figurine

With this resource, experiment by creating your own virtual Tanagra figurine, in the manner of an ancient Greek craftsman. You can then view your figurine on the Museum Lab Web site, by clicking on "My Museum Lab"

A picture of your Tanagra has been saved on the server thanks to your RFID ticket. You can print it at the Museum Lab reception desk, and look at it on the Web site.

"Tanagra mania" in 19th-century Europe

This ultra-high definition program tells how the little-known statuettes became the last word in fashion, in the 19th century.

An exciting experiment which you can also take home.
Use your RFID ticket to save your very own Tanagra, then print it and take it home. The pictures are also stored and can be consulted on the Web site. Have fun comparing your creation with those by other visitors!

My Museum Lab: Information (visit and events)

The Museum Lab Web site complements your experience and activities at the presentation itself, via your RFID ticket. Enter the number on your RFID ticket to access the audio guide texts and the visual content of the multimedia displays.

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