• Tokyo-Paris: Two LDMLs
Presentation organinzed by :
  • DNP
Second presentation: New development

Second presentation : Tanagras, Female Figures of Ancient Greece Theme explored : audio guides designed to feel "up close and personal".

Based on the system developed and implemented for the first Museum Lab presentation, the second event aims to incorporate a number of improvements designed for a more flexible delivery of the guided visit devised by experts at the Louvre. We aim to minimize the manual operations required for the multimedia resources and the personal digital assistant, making your visit as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

Two types of audio guide activated via the RFID ticket: explanatory commentaries and practical information about your itinerary.

The second Museum Lab presentation offers a guide audio tour tailored to your personal preferences, and controlled by the insertion and withdrawal of your personal RFID ticket.

A personal digital assistant (PDA) designed help you focus on the artworks in detail.

Museum Lab has minimized the manual operation of the PDA and volume controls, leaving each visitor free to focus on the artworks and multimedia installations. To listen to the audio commentary, simply insert your RFID ticket on the reader. This highly effective device then relays audio and text-based information relating to your personal itinerary. No further manipulations are required.

Flexible, personalized commentaries and guides are delivered in real time, as you continue your visit.

The audio and visual commentaries are relayed to your PDA in real time by a central server that analyzes and takes into account the resources you have already consulted. The RFID ticket interacts with the server to generate information appropriate to the personal “history” and progress of each visit.

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